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Flexible Appointments

Weekday bookings as well as late evening appointments. Limited weekend bookings

Easy Access, Free Parking

Our commercial workshop allows you to park right at the entrance of our door. Free parking too!

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Fast Quality Repairs

Our workshop has good stock of the most popular kinds of components, capacitors, resistors, lamps, and a wide range of valves ready to fit.

Services Offered

Repairs to guitar amplifiers anywhere from a 1960’s Wem through to a modern Fender Hot Rod Deluxe, 80’s Marshall transistor solid state and everything in between!

Guitar Amps
Vintage & Modern

Repairs to bass amplifier heads and combos.  Valve amp repairs from an Ampeg to Ashdown, and Orange through to Trace Elliot

bass amps
vintage & Modern

Yamaha authorised service centre for out of warranty repairs, recognised by Roland and Korg carrying out all kinds of repairs and fixing loud or broken keys

Pianos & Synths

Analogue mixing desk electronics repairs, outboard rack servicing as well as speaker repairs both passive and active.

Mixing Desks & Speakers

Customisation to a set of 1210’s or a routine service, we’ve got an eye to look after your DJ equipment.  CDJ not ejecting or reading CD’s or crackles on your crossfader

DJ, Vinyl, CD, Mixers

We carry out electrical safety testing on portable equipment such as amps and pianos for musicians. Many venues request certificates which we can provide.

PAT testing




Fair to say they're not the cheapest out there,
but it stays fixed and you know they've missed nothing!


Manufacturers we like

Fast Repairs

Many of the repairs that come to us are carried out in under 5 working days. Pianos, Amps and Speakers! We carry a wide range of spares from passive components to valves and hardware parts.

We know electronics

Don’t be fooled by reading up on internet forums, in our experience many people don’t fully understand what they’re saying or are unable to back-up the technical behind the mod or ‘repair’ or ‘hack’

Why trust us?

  • We're 100% recommended
  • 3 Month Warranty of repair
  • We're recognised by manufacturers
  • Climate controlled clean workshop
  • Established for over 10 years

I've read on a forum that it's a common fault, my mate knows a bit about electronics, That's a lot of trust to make your living on...

Fixed in under 5 days 95%
Customer Satisfaction 100%