Preferred repairer and Warranty approved Centre

brands of guitar amplifiers

We’re a recognised repair agents for Peavey, Blackstar, Yamaha, Victory Amps Rest assured that we have an abundance of stock to cover most valve repairs sitting on our shelves. Our stock for Yamaha Clavinova parts is also increasing as we’re an approved repair centre. Recognised by many of the leading brands and access to Original Equipment Manufactured […]

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Repair Prices

Our Guide prices for repair and service rates are as follows: Service Additional Info Cost Guitar amplifier servicing fee / Repair  valve checking, capacitors, and 1st hour of work, + simple electrical contact clean up £65 Per Additional 15 minutes    £15 / per 15 min Technics 1210 service Price per deck, full clean, speed […]

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Local Guitar amplifier technician near me – Harlow Essex

About me as an electronics repairer and technician Hi I’m Chris, owner of Sickamps.  I am the key person who carries out all repairs in the workshop.  Sound engineer and project manager for exhibitions and other live events.  I keep my toes dipped in live festivals and the music scene however more often than not […]

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Guitar amp and piano repair in Harlow Essex

sickamps electronics repair in Harlow

Sickamps was born and grew in Harlow.  A new town built in the 50’s as a designated new town to assist the growth and over population of London. A high technology town with the creation of Fibre optic telecommunications from STC and Nortel, sickamps is suitably placed as a leading high technology electronics repair company. […]

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General Electronics Repair

Specialist electronics repair, fully equipped workshop & SMD rework facilities Having experience in old valve guitar amplifier electronics repair with lethal voltages with larger more unusual electronics through to modern digital synthesizers with surface mount components we have the tools and ability to repair all kinds of electronics.  Our limit is

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Mods found on Forums a Forewarning

While the internet is a wonderful place of Trolls, social media posts about cats and the ability to be a keyboard warrior expert you probably get the gist we’re not hugely excited when we get calls saying “I’ve read on a forum” or “I asked a forum what you told me and they said that your […]

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Popular modifications

Here are a few of the most popular, beneficial modifications we carry out to amplifiers and associated equipment to enhance their performance.  It’s not rocket science just simple effective changes designed to enhance the experience.  Most mods alter tone and levels so please be aware one mod to an amplifier may impact the rest of […]

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